What happened to the last person who didn’t read my FAQ before contacting me!

Really though, if you’d like me to take you seriously when you contact me about organising a session – and if you are hoping for a reply at all – please do make sure you read through my session information and FAQ’s page before hastily firing off that contact form. Currently well over 50% of people who contact me ask questions which are clearly answered on this site already. I will only consider seeing people who can show they are genuine and serious about wanting to visit, and you simply don’t come across that way if it’s obvious you haven’t bothered to read through my site.
If you’ve contacted me asking about a session recently, haven’t had a reply and are wondering why, it might be a good time to take a look at that sessions page! I’ll gladly give up my time replying to your messages IF you demonstrate you’ve spent some of your time reading my site fully. Otherwise, unfortunately, we won’t be meeting any time soon.