Strength in numbers!

As many of you know and have experienced, I do like ganging up with some of my friends from time to time – double (and triple, and more!) sessions with likeminded Mistresses can generate a great energy and buzz (not to mention the fact that – fucking machines aside – it’s kind of tricky to spitroast somebody on your own!)

All the Mistresses I session with on a regular basis are my long-term personal friends and we have a real rapport which makes a big difference in sessions – we know what the other is thinking without having to communicate, plus we love spending time together, whether it’s having our feet worshipped whilst we chat with a glass of bubbly or flogging someone to within an inch of their life!

If you’d like to experience this, I currently hold sessions with…

Mistress Chloe


Mistress Jennie


Miss Jessica Wood (picture courtesy of Sado Ladies)


Rebekah Dee (picture courtesy of The English Mansion)


Goddess Sophia


Cate Fury (pictured here with me and Chloe)


Becky (photo courtesy of Woman Worship)


I’ll happily session with other Mistresses too, so if you’d like to suggest a collaboration feel free to get in touch via my website here


P.S. Yes, I do rather like kissing ladies.


It’s Thursday! That means new clips on the members’ sites!

Yes, that’s right, Friday is so close you can almost smell it! And to get you there, there are plenty of new clips available for members of my sites:

On , there is a slave in the trample pit and he’s about to find out what it’s like to be walked all over on by me and Fetish Liza in our sexy, super spiky Louboutins! Needless to say we don’t hold back and leave him peppered with heel marks.


Meanwhile, on Facesitting Bitches, Mistress Tess decides to use a human chair to sit on in the throne room! Sometimes a face is much more fun to sit on than a boring old chair!


…Whilst on Ballbusting World, Chloe and Axa give Nadman a monumental ballkicking – well, that’s what you get for being a player!


Happy viewing!


It’s only sixpence per clip on!

Balls Crushed, nipples clamped, cock sounded!
Balls Crushed, nipples clamped, cock sounded! Fetish Liza joins me in this week’s new clip on my members’ site.

Joining is the best value way to watch all my movies – there are currently 325 clips available for members to download, and membership is £20, so I make that about sixpence per clip! And if you decide to stay for a second month, you get access to the 450 clips on Facesitting Bitches which means 775 clips for £40, or 5p a clip.

Of course, if you don’t like membership subscriptions (although there are no tricks – you can cancel the moment you’ve signed up if you like and still get a full month’s access) or just want to pick and choose which clips you buy individually (and line my pockets a lot more into the bargain :D) you’re very welcome to buy the same clips individually via the clipstores: Ballbustingworld Clipstore

LethalBitches Clipstore

MistressWhiplash clipstore

Watch me in action!

If you’re needing a fix of me in action, here are a few links to recent clip releases featuring yours truly!!

Ballbusting World on C4S

Me and Chloe welcome a patient to The Castration Clinic!

“Useless Chauffeur” at

Useless Chauffeur!
Useless Chauffeur!

“Slurp it up!” Forced Bi with Chloe on C4Swl1168

Lethal Bitches on Clips4Sale

Me and Carissa smother our victim
Me and Carissa smother our victim!

Happy viewing!