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  1. Having never engaged with a pro domme, I was understandably nervous when I first approached Nikki. After lodging my interest on her website she invited me to her premises in north Hampshire.
    Although I’d made initial contact via email, I was still nervous when the time came to finally first attend a session, I needn’t have been. Upon arrival I was invited in for a cup of tea and a chat, this was all about what I expected, what my fantasies were and generally getting a feel for one another’s personalities.
    After this, the fun began! I won’t go into detail but I’ve never visited another domme since that first visit over 4 years ago.

    I find Nikki to be very fun, conscientious and responsive, but at the same time a complete bitch 😉

    I’d highly recommend Nikki whether it’s your first time or you an experienced session goer.

    Can’t wait for my next visit 🙂


  2. My first session with Nikki was a mixture of nervousness and
    excitement. When I first arrived Nikki made me feel very welcome and
    comfortable (she makes a fine cuppa) before the session began.

    We had discussed, on email, my likes and dislikes so she had a good
    understanding of how the session would be. (facesitting is my thing).

    The session itself was two hours long, with me tied helplessly to a
    bench, as Nikki smothered and crushed me in a few different outfits.
    These included leggings, tights and jeans (jeans are my favourites, the
    heavier the better). Her verbal humiliation whilst dishing out the
    smothering was perfect and really added to the excitement. (love her
    laugh). I left that day an addict.

    Since then I’ve been back many a time and have been sat on in all types
    of clothing and been crushed and smothered whilst my face was locked in
    a smotherbox, wrapped in clingfilm, as an exercise bike seat, under a
    saddle, under balloons being popped, under a space hopper, covered in
    tomatoes… You name it. All of which was so exciting, and at times
    painfully sexy.

    Nikki is a beautiful person, who I now class as a friend. She is
    blessed with a very creative mind and is the best at what she does.

    If any of you are pondering a session then just go for it, the only
    thing you will regret is not doing it sooner!


  3. Nikki is one of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet. Her warmth is matched only by her extremely cheeky sense of humour and genuine love for what she does. After knowing me for only a very short space of time she performed a first session that was right from a fantasy I’d been having for years in my mind, then a second session years 2-3 years later that literally took my breath away. You leave feeling ecstatic yet destroyed, crushed but so alive! Adequate parking, decent toilet facilities, I will return but erm….not with my family 🙂


  4. It quickly became clear to me, that I had found my ideal Mistress in Mistress Nikki, so I can’t recommend Mistress Nikki highly enough, looking else where would be foolish.

    Mistress Nikki is easy to talk to and discuss a session with, key to a good session.
    It is clear Mistress Nikki puts a lot of effort into each session and her dungeons. Her genuinely creative and cruel mind just makes it better, during a session Mistress Nikki isn’t just ‘going through the motions’, she actually enjoys a good session too and is genuinely dominant.

    That just a few reasons why Mistress Nikki will have you addicted.

  5. I met Mistress Nikki a few years ago now in her old premises and have been lucky enough to have sessioned, served and filmed with her and I’d like to give an account of my very first session, which made me realise there are not many Mistresses of the calibre of Mistress Nikki!!

    I had been to see Dommes before but I had found Mistress Nikki online by mistake. Initially as we all are I was amazed by how beautiful she was. I emailed her about a potential session and she was really easy to speak with regarding the session. I had asked for a specific scenario to my first session and even though we hadn’t met yet Mistress was happy to facilitate my requests.

    I arrived at the location and messaged Mistress saying I was there. I was then told to enter. The session started with me putting on a blindfold before I had even met her. Then the session began!

    I heard Mistress open the door and felt her standing in front of me. Then as per my request I felt her slap me across the face, hard! Slap after slap was delivered. What a perfect way to start a session!

    After being shown in and formalities out of the way I was tied to her bench and I experienced the most amazing session that even to this day I think about. For the next hour i experienced face sitting, nipple torture and a great deal of what Mistress would find out to be one of my biggest fetishes, being a human spittoon!

    Needless to say that a session with Mistress Nikki is something that every slave should experience, I know that you will not regret it.


  6. The first time I met Nikki Whiplash it was my first time ever in kink. I had seen her playing all my favourite fetishes on her websites and well, she’s gorgeous! So I got the necessary courage to arrange a session with her, travelled to her premises and rang the bell. The first thing I saw when the door opened was Nikki’s beautiful green eyes and broad smile, greeting me in a most friendly way. If you think she looks beautiful in the pictures, just wait to see her in person.

    As the experienced domme she is, she knows perfectly well how to make you feel comfortable and relaxed before a session. She offered me a drink, guided me to the room where the session would take place, sat together, did a bit of nice chat and finally we started the session. To say that she excelled all my expectations would be an understatement. My experience as a newcomer couldn’t be more satisfactory: she was sensitive and understanding with my initial shyness, but could be demanding and mean when she felt I was ready for it. Let’s put it this way: we subs always wish that the domme could read our minds, right? Well, Nikki is no telepath, but her experience make her look like she is. If you give her enough hints, she will enact your fantasy to perfection.

    After that first session, there have been many more: she can be as mean as you want her to, she is a LOT of fun (those humiliating remarks during the session can even make you laugh at yourself), and she knows what she’s doing. As we grew to know each other better, of course the sessions became more fluent and even more satisfactory.

    I have sessioned with several of the best dommes and Nikki is still one of my favourites. As a final proof of her skills, I will tell you that she is my usual choice to try new fetishes… and she has made me love them. 😉

    Oh, did I mention her excellent taste for fellow dommes to play with in a double session? An experience worth living.

    You’ll love her too. Book a session with her.


  7. I had watched Nikki though her ball busting site (ballbusting world), and always wanted to session with her
    But i felt i was not up to standard ,to be able to take her kicks , so i held off.
    when i felt i was ready i plucked up courage and arranged a session , it was only then i realized what i had been missing
    Firstly her dungeon is set in the most beautiful English country side , it is also very will equipped and comfortable (shower is available )
    Nikki herself is absolutely stunning and very friendly
    We sat down and chatted, Nikki check on what i wanted and was able to take(being a chicken i asked for light ball busting to start)
    but i need not have worried , she started gently ,but soon worked out i could take a good busting , which she ensured i got ,pistol like knees ,followed by well aimed accurate hard kicks and squeezes that sent my voice to such a high pitch ,i could have shattered windows a mile away , i was in heaven and hell , to be honest she hit the spot
    When she was satisfied my balls had suffered enough , she choice one of her many strap on , it was not the largest , but i would have been proud to have a member of that size, what followed was a dam good seeing too

    i have to say Nikki is a lovely mistress who really knows her way around a submissive


  8. A Fantastic Opportunity

    I had been aware of Mistress Nikki and her many talents for some time before I met her. Predominantly through her various scenes with the English Mansion where I had previously been a member. All of the Mistresses there are fantiastic, but Mistress Nikki Whiplash is a real stand out.

    Due to geographical restrictions (I stay in Scotland, hundreds of miles away from Hampshire) and her immense popularity, which many can find intimidating. I never genuinely envisioned that I would ever actually have the pleasure of meeting Mistress Nikki in person. I understood that, like most of us I accepted it for what it was.

    Thankfully however, I was able to enjoy Mistress Nikki’s twitter feed from afar (@nikkiwhiplash). This incidentally is a fantastic outlet. It showcases her beauty through many photos and sense of humour brilliantly! As a result of this I noticed a rather improbable opportunity from her feed. Although I can’t find it now, it was January 2014 and buried somewhere in the archives! She, the legendary Mistress Whiplash was actually in my country and was open to filming with trustworthy slaves.

    I pondered for a while whether or not to send my tentative interest to a woman of Mistress Nikki’s standing. So I typed up a rather lengthy BDSM CV of sorts to let her know a bit about me and my experiences. This is often a rookie mistake as tentative session enquires are more favourable when they are time efficient until such times as when more information is required. But, this was a rather unique set of circumstances and I decided to take the chance on a longer application. Much to my surprise I got a response and Mistress Nikki was extremely helpful in her correspondence. Despite the fact that I could have quite easily been a classic time waster.

    We organised a date, time and general itinerary for what was planned really quickly. Naturally I had a few nerves as the time approached but made my way through to Dunblane to meet Mistress Nikki who was accompanied by a personal slave who was an absolute gentleman. Clearly a woman such as Mistress Nikki keeps great company, it was reassuring.

    So there was me in the presence of Mistress Nikki, being driven to her residence during her stay in Scotland. I can safely say it’s the only time I have gotten into a strangers car and was one of the best things I have ever done.

    As for the day itself, I had an unforgettable experience. It’s something that I will never forget and I am acutely aware of how fortunate I am. I will indulge you in a few more details though, purely to highlight the many strengths that Mistress Nikki possesses.

    From our first few minutes of meeting it was immediately obvious that Mistress Nikki has an incredible sense of social perception, putting me at ease almost effortlessly. That is a rare trait that should not be underestimated as it is common practice to be treated like the next client on a conveyor belt. Having that touch of empathy and class goes a long way.

    In session Mistress Nikki has complete stage control, she will have you do her bidding without much persuasion. Merely a few softly spoken words will have you pushing yourself to heights you might not have believed you were capable of. I know that I have certainly pushed a few limitations I once placed upon myself internally, not realising that going that little bit further is so rewarding. Pleasing Mistress Nikki is in everyone’s best interests, trust me!

    Mistress Nikki also has a vast wardrobe that can achieve a wide variety of looks which no doubt will cater to many kinks… Certainly any kinks that I can think of at any rate! Of the outfits that I have had the pleasure of witnessing,all of them have been nothing short of jaw dropping. Mistress Nikki is a real beauty who has an infectious and charismatic personality (which compliments her looks in a way you simply have to see in person to understand!)

    Nothing ever seems to feel artificial or stale in session with Mistress Nikki. She is a master of many crafts. I have personally experienced wax play, flogging, whipping, humiliation, spitting to name but a few. As I have previously mentioned Mistress Nikki will give you the confidence you need to try new things. I have experienced this first hand and have experimented with strapon play, sounding and watersports thanks to Mistress Nikki. Nothing was forced or suggested with a heavy hand. I just knew that after a discussion about the activity that Mistress Nikki would take me as far as I could go without going beyond my limits. I actually found myself thinking “Next time I want to go that little bit further…” Whether or not I am capable is a completely different matter though!

    If you are fortunate enough to find yourself in Mistress Nikki’s personal (and immaculate) play space you should consider yourself to be a privileged person indeed. Her premises are absolutely stunning and an outlandish example of how to build your own dungeon. I wish I could live there, as do many others I am sure! But, it really is a sight to behold… There wouldn’t be a single limitation on session activities at Whiplash Towers, all kinks can be catered to in there. Providing Mistress Nikki permits it of course!

    I do have a significant amount of other interesting things I could say about the amazing Mistress Nikki, but I feel like I have said everything required to convey whether or not spending time with Mistress Nikki is something you should do…

    It is, it really is worth it! If you have an opportunity to session with Mistress Nikki, don’t waste it. Grab it. Mistress Nikki does not tolerate time wasters and neither should she have to. She is breathtakingly beautiful, a masterful Mistress and a compassionate and charming person with a wicked sense of humour! Of course the humour might often be at your expense… But that is all part of the fun!

    Thanks for reading,

  9. Mistress Nikki is the most amazing person I have ever had the good fortune of meeting- she is the perfect blend of beauty and cruelty. I have had many sessions with her over the years and it is almost impossible to summarise them in one testimonial. Over the years of serving Miss Nikki – I gradually fell more and more under her spell as she had me wearing panties 7 days a week (often with suspenders) and giving up the rights to all orgasms unless she gave permissions and I always had to eat it! Yet somehow I wanted to serve her more and more….to do this day she is the only person to feed me spunk covered carrot and for me to smile about it. One session which stands out for me is a kidnap session which we previously did…..

    I was sat in a car park as a van pulled up next to me. A beautiful lady got out and offered me a quickie…just as I was about to accept I was bundled into the back of the van and gagged, with my hands tied behind my back. I was then driven to a private location where I was blindfolded and tied to the floor. I was told that the reason for my kidnapping was to extract as much spunk out me as possible.

    Throughout the course of the day I was left to contemplate my fate in various positions in between forced milkings and ruined orgasms. I was left caged, suspended up in the strap cage, hog tied on the floor and bound to the floor.

    By the end of the day I had been milked 7 times which I was made to eat before being taken back to the car park and thrown out.

    It really was an amazing day. Serving Miss Nikki is the best thing you can do!!”


  10. I have been a fan of Mistress Nikki websites for quite a few years now, what a great discovery. I finally had some more time available and made a request to visit this beautiful young woman. For my first visit in March 2016 I was quite excited and nervous. I had also decided to go for a double dom session as I liked watching Mistress Nikki in her films with Mistress Chloe. I had quite a bit of travelling ie flight, hotel overnights etc to get to Hampshire but it was well worth all the time. When Mistress Nikki greeted me I was stunned by her beauty and bowed my head. Mistress Chloe is also a beautiful young woman and I again bowed my head to show that it was a honour to meet them. My fantasy was turned into reality when 2 beautiful young mistresses bossed me, pulled my hair and ears, kicked and beat me. I experienced face sitting, face slapping, hand CP, spitting and eating food and drink from their mouths. As I am not into heavy pain I enjoyed the humiliation of entertaining them by dancing naked and lots of verbal domination. It was so good that I booked another session when this had finished and had a lovely chat with these 2 beautiful women. It so happened the next session a month later could mean a longer time with them as there was a Birthday Bash for Mistress Chloe that afternoon. So with all my travelling I thought this would be excellent, ie morning session and held captive in dungeon until party started and a few other subs arrived and some could take real pain like extreme ballbusting, cock and ball torment also anal torture with stingy nettles. Learning to watch a human toilet for watersports duty. The session and party were both excellent and again I experienced true female domination. One important point is Mistress Nikki is a natural dominant young lady and takes pride in giving you that genuine natural domination. Also Mistress Chloe is the same and they both go well together. A few months later I had another double domination with Ms Nikki and Ms Chloe a session which involved me being taken outside and covered in all kinds of messy foods and both ladies spat food and drink into my mouth and all over my head, face and body. I had also the honour of a watersports introduction when Mistress Nikki gave me a glass of her beautiful nectar to drink. The session again was excellent and you are given time to have a shower with excellent facilities. The next day I had a one on one session with Mistress Nikki which again was excellent and I was used as her food slut and tasted food and drink, also spit from her mouth. Had more experience with watersports as my face placed in her special watersports toilet box. So great a session that I paid deposit and booked another session which is another double dom session with Mistress Nikki and Mistress Chloe coming up soon. Again I look forward to them using me for their own entertainment and if they wish taking photos and filmning me. I am now devoted and I would totally recommend a visit it certainly has been my best times of life.
    Wimpy Fat Piggy

  11. I visited Mistress Nikki for the first time yesterday. As I had explained to her I had seen a few pro dommes in my time which she acknowledged on arrival. For some reason though, my drive down I was still a little nervous, firstly I had asked for a few things to be included in the session which were new for me. Secondly it’s not every day you meet a gorgeous celebrity Mistress, like Mistress Nikki.

    I arrived and was still nervous, even falling through the door after I saw how beautiful she was in real life(neither of those comments are a joke, I tripped into the room) great first impression.

    Mistress Nikki offered me a drink and she went over a few of my requests, requests they were but I knew that Nikki was going to be in full charge of the session.

    By the time I went to shower I was totally at ease with Mistress Nikki, polite, stunning, professional and easy to chat with.

    I came out and without going into too much detail, I had an amazing experience! I lost my strap on v plates(high 5 to that) of course Nikki made sure I was ok with everything we were doing but still so stern at the same time. There is a mirror on the ceiling and I could see this amazing lady doing what she does best whilst strapped down!

    A few other firsts for me, and then that was it. The session never felt rushed, Mistress Nikki actually had a good chat with me after, about the outside of the dungeon world which was really nice as I had a few hours drive home.

    In short, I have already enquired about returning this year! I can see why Nikki retains subs, I hope to be one of those who visit ongoing and to push myself further than I have done before.

    Once you see Nikki, you won’t want to see other pro’s.

    See you soon

  12. Neil C (Wimpy Fat Piggy)
    I visited the beautiful Mistress Nikki and Ms Chloe again in late September 2016 and due to busy things at home etc did not manage to return as much as I wanted to but will be visiting again this summer. I can assure anyone that Mistress Nikki is magnificent and really does enjoy being totally female dominant and goes well with Mistress Chloe.
    The session again was even more than excellent and well worth all my flights, hotels, travelling just to see her and Chloe. Again I bowed my head to these 2 stunning and beautiful young ladies and I class them as Royalty and I show my total respect as it is such an honour to be in their presence. The session started with me entertaining them by dancing naked in front of them and then received lots of verbal humiliation. I was so glad it was another 2 hour session because to have these 2 beautiful ladies bossing me felt so good and natural. During the session Mistress Nikki and Mistress Chloe face slapped me, some bare hand CP and some clothed face sitting which was more than great. Also ate chewed up foods which they spat out into a doggie type bowl and they kept a glass of water and champagne which they also spat into during the session and I later was made to drink. They also used me as their spit and food slut and it was great to taste their spit and chewed up food coming from their lovely mouths. Later they brought me into the bathroom area which is quite spacious and covered me from head to toe in all sorts of foodstuffs ie custard, yoghurt, cream. They also spat on me and they enjoyed dribbling liquid drinks over my head, face, into my mouth and over my body. Plastic sheets had been placed down which I layed on as things got rather messy and one of the most enjoyable things is to see Mistress Nikki and Mistress Chloe really happy and I like their laughing and they way they have a really good time. To finish I was washed down with their beautiful golden nectar. To receive this is a real honour and privilege and I can surely say that every time I visited these 2 gorgeous and stunning ladies that is the best feeling I get and the best times of my life. I would encourage all male subs to visit these 2 wonderful ladies as it probably will be one of the best times of your lives. Also the fact that Mistress Nikki and Mistress Chloe enjoy being female dominant and totally in charge in a perfect and respectful way would make it more important than ever to visit because you really don’t know what your missing. I can’t wait for my next visit soon and I really look forward. My Best Wishes to Mistress Nikki and Mistress Chloe, your totally devoted Wimpy Piggy xo

    1. The BEST and most beautiful Fem Dom Mistress Nikki and Mistress Chloe, from experience look no further. I have found total Fem Dom Paradise with these 2 beautiful and amazing ladies. Any total sub should visit these 2 magnificent Fem Dom young ladies. Total respect to Mistress Nikki and Mistress Chloe. Your Devoted Male Sub Wimpy Piggy xoxo and Best Wishes as always.

  13. This was my first time visiting Nikki. I found her website some time ago but I live almost 2 hours drive away, and initially felt that this was too far to travel. However, when I read the testimonials here, I found that she specialises in providing roleplays, and I had a particular beginning (and finish) in mind.

    I sent a number of detailed emails to Nikki, explaining what I wanted from the session and what I did not want included. I sent far more emails than I should have. Instead of being annoyed and ceasing communication, which she had every right to do due to the volume of emails, she responded enthusiastically every time. She agreed to almost everything I asked. Eventually, we agreed on a 90 minute session with her and two other ladies.

    On the day of the session, I rang the bell and I sensed someone approaching from behind. As I turned to see who it was, I saw someone else coming from the right. There was a third girl somewhere, but I didn’t see her. Next thing I knew, I had been pushed to my hands and knees and all three girls were sitting astride my back. They rode me like a horse into the building. This was the opening that I had requested, and it was amazing.

    The next 90 minutes were heaven. I endured being sat on and squashed by all three ladies. They had worked out before the session and were still in their sweaty gym clothing. They took turns sitting on my face, forcing me to smell their sweat. As the session progressed, my discomfort increased, as they sat on me constantly, never giving me a break. They repeated the pony play from the beginning of the session, riding me double from one room to another. They made it their aim to make me collapse. They also used me as a sofa and had a chat, while ignoring me. I endured trampling from all three, including having my head stood on.
    Throughout the session, I was ordered to suck used socks and underwear clean. Towards the end,
    I received watersports from all three and was given a glass of saliva, which they had prepared during the session.

    The session had an ending that I had requested. Again, all three sat on my back and rode me outside. Nikki removed her knickerd – soaked in sweat – and stuffed them into my mouth. I was then ordered out!

    This is undoubtedly the best session I ever had. My favourite part of it is the extended periods when I lay on my back on the ground, Nikki sat smiling down at me, while the other two sat behind her, trapping and squashing me completely. All three girls are beautiful and they worked so well together. They knew exactly what I wanted and provided it very well.

    I would recommend Nikki to anyone. She is a true professional and will not disappoint. I have already decided that my next session will be with Nikki and three of her friends…

  14. I must confess that I am totally addicted to beautiful Mistress Nikki and beautiful Mistress Chloe. If I had not a busy job to go to each day and also living in another country I would be seeing these amazing young and stunning Fem Dom young ladies on a more regular basis. I make do by purchasing their Fem Dom Clips for Sale and membership of all the Websites these magnificent ladies appear in. I have total respect for these 2 beautiful Fem Dom Ladies. I have had the great honour of seeing them seperately and also my favourite as the awesome Double Domination team. I would not see any other Fem Dom Mistresses as my opinion is they are the best in every aspect of Female Domination and as a sub I believe I have finally found over the past years the most beautiful and dominant Mistresses. On my most recent visit Mistress Chloe picked me up with a kidnap theme. I was taken to Mistress Nikki’s brilliant premises. I always show total respect by bowing my head in their company. I was ordered to entertain the ladies with my pathetic dancing and stripper act, which finally revealed male mankinni and was then ordered to dance to music of their choices totally naked. Then Mistress Nikki gave me severe CP with her bare hands. Mistress Chloe also joined in on beating my bare rear. I was also placed in Mistress Nikki’s new smotherbox and both Mistress Nikki and Mistress Chloe face sat me in their tight gym leggings. Later I received interrogation, with both ladies in thigh length boots. Also Mistress Nikki made me suck on a strap on dildo dipped in yoghurt. They spat on me and made me drink their spit and spat out drinks. Finally they made me a special cocktail which I had to drink with a willy straw. It was a great session and again it was one of the best times of my life. I can’t wait until the next Fem Dom Double session. I state that these 2 Fem Dom Ladies are the best and any true sub should make a visit. My sincere Best Wishes to both Mistress Nikki and Mistress Chloe. Your Devoted Male Sub and dancer, Wimpy Piggy xoxo

  15. Amazing first visit to Nikki – thrilling to be invited to her dungeon, and thrilling to have my fantasies completely fulfilled. How lucky I was to be invited to see her, and be taken in different ways, have it given to me forcefully, with all the verbal and physical abuse I asked for. You pay – happily – and it shall be yours, Nikki is the complete expert. It feels like she will break you but she doesn’t. Spanking, strap-on, and fisting. Just completely amazing, total fantasy made real. Utterly sexy outfits she wears makes it all the more superb, as she tells you what she is going to do to you, and then looks you straight in the eye as she does those things to you. Just being greeted at the door by a Sex-Goddess dressed in the most superb fetish outfits is quite amazing: even without anything happening it is amazing to be in the company of such a sexy woman. But then she went ahead and did make all those things in my fantasies happen, and in spades. Complete, utter, total fantasy realization. I immediately made another appointment to see her again. I think a bit of addiction is happening!

  16. I am lucky to have visited a few times with amazing Nikki, as she has fine tuned her fantastic abuse of me. Her outfits are superb fetish outfits: I asked for a basque the first time, but since then she chooses what to wear. It is always an incredible surprise what she is wearing! She starts off spanking me and one time she did leave me with bruises, but the spanking certainly warms me up for what’s coming. Amazing, outstanding strap-on fucking, complete with fantastic verbal abuse telling me what a fucking slut I am. She gives me a superb nailing. Then she finishes me off with wonderful fist fucking that turns me into a gibbering wreck, as she hurls abuse at me, and all this builds up into an explosive climax. All through this she is looking me straight in the eyes as she does these amazing things to me and verbally abuses me – very inventively too. And to think we start all of this off with a nice cup of tea! What’s not to like!

  17. Nikki looked amazing when I arrived. She decides what to wear and it is always a thrill to see what she chooses. I had asked to try some cock and ball torture, but then chickened out, knowing how good she is at it. So, having already decided not to try CBT, Nikki then talked me into trying a ball kicking, ‘Just gentle, barefoot.’ she said! And gentle it was for a minute, then Bang! And again, bang and again! ‘That got the right one didn’t it?’ she said. I was already floored from the pain. ‘Now stand up’ and after a couple of hefty kicks later I asked to call time. ‘Well, at least you’ve tried it – that was quite hard. I might make a porn star of you yet.’ And then we went back to the original plan of strap-on fucking, and fisting, but with heightened verbal abuse. And it is amazing what Nikki comes out with, and without a script! ‘I’m going to fuck you really hard you dirty little fucking whore.’ and ‘Right to the fucking hilt you dirty little slut.’ Nikki was very inventive with the invective, and combined with the superb strap-on fucking and incredible fisting, ‘You’re my slutty glove puppet aren’t you, you dirty fucking whore?’ It ended with a spectacular climax from me. Always welcoming and with a distinct feel for the kinky Nikki will do it all to you, within some limits!

  18. Nikki made me tea and sat opposite me. ‘Are you ready to have your arsehole fucked, you dirty slut? And fisted too?’ Quite an introduction to ball kicking – I knelt down so she could kick me from behind. ‘Get your arse up in the air, like a slut, come on!’ she said, and then kicked me several times. Whack! ‘I do like kicking your balls!’ and forced strapon sucking until I gag. It is a fat cock, and she grabs the back of my head and pushes it into my mouth making me gag. Then I am shackled onto the slut bench while she has her way with me. A spectacular strapon fucking, with all the verbal assaults she does so well. ‘I don’t even have to use my hands. It just vanishes in your dirty little fucking sluthole. It’s just gaping wide. You love being fucked in the arse don’t you? Then later when she is fisting me she says, ‘You’re going to take it until I’m satisfied. I couldn’t give a fuck about the state of your arsehole. I just want to have my fun with you. You don’t get a choice in the matter, that’s why I tied you up. No. I’m not going to release you. Not until I’ve had my fun with this hole. Not till I’ve fully milked your prostate. Not until I’ve forced you to come with my fist inside of you. A nice arse orgasm.’ I think that sums up what you can expect from amazing Nikki. Complete fantasy made real.

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