Festive Fun at Whiplash Towers


Christmas Party – no proper chairs required!

It’s been a really fun couple of weeks at Whiplash Towers in the run up to Christmas; lots of my Mistress friends have been visiting and we’ve been very spoiled by our subs, sluts, slaves and sissies.


One highlight for me was our little kinky Christmas bash on Wednesday, when Cate and Araneae joined me and Chloe to have some femdom-related hijinks with a selection of impeccably-behaved boys. The dungeon was festooned with festively-attired pain sluts, leather gimps, heavily shackled drinks waiters, human footstools, muscle-bound male pole dancers, Christmassy testicle-elves and story-telling men in skirts as us ladies indulged in prosecco and nibbles, and of course satisfied our sadistic and cruel desires.

We played all the traditional femdom Christmas party games like Dildo Bobbing, Elf Whipping, Ballbusting Santa and participating in our own femdom version of the Mannequin Challenge. Mince pies were had by all (some with a special topping!)

They say a picture paints a thousand words so to save myself any more typing, here are a selection of our party snaps and our Mannequin Challenge video.

No femdom party would be complete without a good clean game of dildo bobbing!
Ari and Moley give it their best shot
Gimpy snaps up a whopper!
BBB does his best for Chloe, but those shackles got the better of him!
Such technique! Nadders does Cate proud!
The winning team!
The mannequin challenge

…And here’s our Mannequin Challenge video:

Lastly, Merry Christmas everyone, and thank you once again to everybody who has lavished me with gifts this Christmas – you know who you are – I feel very spoiled and special indeed!

Last chances to visit in 2016…

2016 is fast drawing to a close and as usual my schedule is getting packed with sessions as you all treat yourselves to thoughtful and suitably festive gifts such as bulging baubles, (candy) cane stripes, a nice stuffing or perhaps a red nose to give Rudolph a run for his money. (Nudge nudge, wink wink, did I miss out any innuendos?)

If you’ve left it late to book your visit in, I currently have the following opportunities still available:

Frimg_7959iday 9th December – 1 x triple session with me, Chloe and Jennie remaining at 14:45




img_7265Thursday 15th December – 1 x lunchtime double session with me and Sabrina




cropped-icon.jpgSaturday 17th December – 1 x single session with me at 14:00





Tuesday 20th December – 1x double session with me and Chloe at 13:00




Wednesday 21st December – Christmas gathering for our sociable subs/sluts/sissies involving mince pies, ballbusting, champagne, strap-ons, canapés, human furniture, imprisonment and party favours (probably/maybe not all at once!)




Thursday 22nd December – 1 x morning double session with me and Chloe and 1 x evening.





Friday 23rd December – 1 x double session with me and Chloe at 11:00.






…And that looks like it for 2016! Thanks everyone who’s made it such a memorable and fun year!