Greetings from Lockdown

Locked Down

Hello, I hope you’re safe and well.

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to write a blog, so I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to in Lockdown so far.

As many of you know I’m about to graduate, and my main effort over recent weeks has been finishing off my research study which examines the psychology of British BDSM participants. I’m literally going to have a degree in BDSM! A huge thank you to everyone that took part. I couldn’t have done this without your help and I’ve found it immensely interesting to read your responses.

I’m also hitting the gym HARD, having finally come to the end of more than a year of various procedures to fix my left leg, which was a victim of far too many heavy headscissoring sessions over the last 20 years! I’m glad to say that the surgery has been a success and I’ve now built my fitness back up to previous levels… However, headscissoring sessions will sadly have to be a thing of the past. Luckily there are hundreds of clips of me in brutal headscissoring action here for you to reminisce with, and I have a few “new” clips from the Whiplash Towers archives to release over the coming months too.

…Which brings me to another exciting thing I’ve been doing in lockdown! I have finally had time to go through my server and video archives and catalogue all my content. I’ve found some real gems which have never seen the light of day before, including unseen ballbusting footage of Belle, Claire and Rebekah, the aforementioned headscissoring footage of me, and lots of other tasty treats besides. It’s amazing what an enforced lockdown can do for your organisational skills! I’ll be releasing the clips over the coming weeks, as and when I get time to edit them.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time keeping up with my subs, sissies, sluts and slaves during lockdown. There’s no reason that they can’t continue to amuse me – even while we can’t see each other in person! Modern technology means I can continue to control them from afar and keep a watchful eye on them. App controlled chastity and butt plugs have really come into their own! My boys (and girls) have been doing a great job keeping me amused, and also assisting me in practical ways. Thank you – you’re awesome!

Finally, I’ve also been taking a more active role in online domination, using my dedicated phone line at Dommeline and webcam at Adultwork. As well as giving me an outlet for all my sadistic urges right now, I’ve had lots of fun just chatting to my guests, and have made some great new friends as well as reconnecting with some blasts from the past! I’ll be on my phone line and webcam at least a couple of times a week for the foreseeable future, so please do drop by and say hello! I’ll make sure I give notice on my Twitter feed as to when I’ll be available, and will also publish my weekly availability on my calendar at

Keep safe!


P.S. Obviously, my trip to Australia and New Zealand is on ice for the foreseeable future, but I will be doing my very best to get there as soon as I possibly can!

New double dates with Mistress Athena and little rabbit

Some exciting new dates for the diary have been added to my sessions site

The amazing Mistress Athena is coming back on 17th October for another day of sadistic pleasure – we will be accepting bookings for both private sessions and filming this time. Spaces are already limited, so register your interest quickly if you would like to be considered.

Mistress Athena visits Whiplash Towers again on 17th October 2019.

I’m delighted that femsub extraordinaire little rabbit is going to be paying a visit to Whiplash Towers in early November. If you would like to join with her in serving my every cruel whim, please apply via

Femsub little rabbit joins me in my dungeon for the first time on 2nd November 2019

As you may be aware, I am closing my applications to new visitors again as of this month, but never fear! Applications from those newcomers wishing to visit on either of these special double session dates are still welcome.

Extreme Restraints Black Magic XL Fucking Machine for sale!

Black Magic Fucking Machine

I am rehoming my Extreme Restraints Black Magic XL fucking machine. This is a really versatile bit of kit which can be angled in any direction, meaning it fucks upwards, downwards, sideways and anywhere else besides! It has adjustable depth and speed and can do anything from 1 to 240 strokes per minute.

This fucking machine is specifically for use with UK voltage (doesn’t require a voltage converter) and comes with a vac-u-lock adapter – further adapters can be purchased for £50 from the link below.

Retail price for these machines is currently £1070 – see for full details – I am selling this one for £650 as it is several years old and has a couple of very minor scratches to the powder coating (see photos at the bottom of this post).

Buyer to collect from Alton, Hampshire, or a courier can be arranged at the buyer’s expense. If you’d like to offer my fucking machine a loving new home, please reply to this post or contact me via

Seeing new subs again from the end of May

Starting from 27th May 2019 I will have time to see a select few more subs again, so I shall be opening my session applications back up.

As my time remains limited, requests will not be responded to if they:

  • aren’t detailed enough about your interests for me to decide whether we are a good match
  • read as though they have been cut and pasted to every Dominatrix in the country
  • don’t give me an idea of your available dates or travel arrangements (particularly if you are contacting me from outside of the UK)
  • demonstrate in any way that you haven’t read my session information and FAQs (e.g. by listing session interests which I have stated I don’t participate in under any circumstances – smoking fetishists, I’m looking at YOU!)
  • contain attempts to haggle over session tributes (these are clearly stated in my FAQs and are non-negotiable – if you can’t afford to visit me, please wait until you can before you get in touch)
  • in any other way make me not want to reply/see you (i.e. rudeness, unsafe activity requests, previous bad form)

You can apply for a session with me at

I look forward to meeting some of you in my dungeon over the coming months!

New Double Domination dates added!

I’ve added some new double femdom session/filming dates for the next couple of months on the diary page over at

Visiting me in the next 2 months or so are:

Mistress Chloe

Mistress Tiffany Naylor

Fetish Nikki

The Hunteress

You can find all the details of how to book on my sessions site now!

Busy Mistress!

Please note that I am not accepting one-to-one private session requests from new visitors at the moment. This is to allow me to devote my time to my wonderful stable of loyal subs/sluts/sissies and slaves. My session request form remains open here but should only be used by those who have already visited me to book their return visits.

Please check back later – I anticipate I will have more time free around Summer 2019 and, if so, may reopen my session applications process to new visitors then. In the meantime, I will be continuing to shoot new content, so you can get your Nikki fix by joining my members’ website or by downloading clips from my Clips4Sale store.


Here’s another image of me by Ariel Belle – you can see more of her outstanding art here

Deposits/booking payments

As anyone who has ever visited me, contacted me about a possible visit, or read through my sessions website thoroughly will know, I always ask for an advance payment to be made before I will book you into my session diary. When you make this payment it tells me a couple of things:

  1. You have a genuine intention to visit me and are not simply fantasising about it and wasting my time (or, if you are, you’re paying me something for my time participating in your fantasy email chain, which means I don’t mind!)
  2. You trust me enough to part with a reasonable amount of money in advance of our meeting. This is really very important to me as, if you cannot trust me with your £100, what on Earth are you doing trusting me with your balls, or arse, or nipples?!

For first time visitors (who haven’t previously blotted their copybook – I’ll come back to those chaps later) the requested payment is usually somewhere between 25-50% of the total tribute for the session duration you are requesting. It probably goes without saying (but occasionally there seems to be some confusion, so I’m saying it again anyway!) that I retain this payment in the event of you cancelling/rescheduling your session at short notice, or simply not showing up at the agreed time. Much to the vexation of some, I am a professional Dominatrix and am running a business, therefore somebody who has booked to spend an afternoon with me and then doesn’t show up not only puts a dent in my income but also clogs up a significant amount of my (rather limited) session time for that week, which I could have spent seeing somebody else. “Why don’t you just take a last minute booking when someone cancels on you”, I hear you cry! Possibly this would be an option if I was based in a major city, but – weirdly – we don’t get much passing Femdom kinkster footfall in rural Hampshire. Most of my regular subs hail from great distances and have to make a big effort to visit and serve (thank you!) and can’t just be here in five minutes, at a moment’s notice. Given that most people would need to book a day off work in order to make their pilgrimage, at least a week’s notice is usually needed for me to be able to book somebody else in to visit me in a cancelled spot. Not to mention the effort/time I would need to spend actively trying to fill the spot. This means that usually they go unfilled.

If you have blotted your copybook with a previous cancellation or no-show, you will find that I am usually completely happy to reschedule, but  that I request that you pay the full session tribute in advance – before I will agree to book you back into my diary. As before, this payment is non-refundable in the event of you failing to show up for your session or cancelling at short notice. That’s right – the ante has been upped! This, again, is for a couple of reasons:

  1. I know you told me that you had a really good reason for cancelling last time, and you couldn’t possibly have made it to see me (or, maybe even emailed to let me know) under the circumstances, but there is a small chance that your cancellation or no-show was for one of the slightly more common reasons (e.g. a “what the fuck am I doing?! She’s clearly involved in a dark criminal underworld and I’m going to get hurt for real” moment; or the fact that you were so excited on the morning of your scheduled visit that you wanked yourself silly and had to go for a little lie down instead; or you never intended to go through with it in the first place and just wanted some horny email banter with a Dominatrix) and it’s pretty hard for me to tell the difference between a genuine reason and a made up one. I hear a lot of excuses, some of which I will tell you about in a moment. The fact is, I want to give you as many reasons to go through with your session with me as possible, and if nerves/over-excitement were at the root of your not showing up, I want to get you through it so that you, too, can experience the warm glow of achievement which only comes from being the recipient of a pair of utterly mashed up nipples and a tattered bumhole (I wonder, has that put your mind at rest?)
  2. Trust, again. In both directions. This time mainly just retaining mine… If you genuinely couldn’t make it for a good reason the first time, you will understand that you have inconvenienced me, and that you need to show me that you value my time, proving that you’re a trustworthy person and one that I might want to make an effort to spend time with again in the future.

And now, I’d like to talk about excuses, for those (thankfully few) of you who feel the need to make up corkers… So, let’s say you’re Mr. Nervous and you spent the night before your planned session in a cold sweat, worrying about all the things which could happen to you, or you’re the aforementioned chap with the raw cock who now can’t stomach the idea of putting it into the hands of a cruel Dominatrix after all and is feeling too chilled out and sleepy to make the trip. You ask yourself whether you can just tell me you were too nervous/spent? No, you reason, it doesn’t seem like a good enough excuse for standing me up, I’ll probably think you’re a twat and blacklist you. I might refuse to see you in future, or threaten to expose you on social media, or decide to turn up at your house, cling to the underside of your car as you flee town, then wait for you on a boat you’ve rented and conduct a mock trial to get you to admit the real reason why you didn’t come to see me… Who knows what irritated Dominatrixes are capable of?! So you’d better think up the most heinous tale of death and/or destruction and/or woe that you possibly can because, you think, I will definitely not have heard an excuse that heinous/outlandish before and won’t think for a moment that someone could make up such a dreadful tale… But, trust me, whatever horrible tale you come up with, someone else will already have come up with similar, or way better/worse, depending on your viewpoint. I’ve been given excuses which made me laugh out loud, or made me want to cry for the person who stooped so low as to give me them, and everything in between. I’d very much prefer it if you could just tell me the truth, please (or just don’t give me an excuse at all), as it gets tiresome writing responses such as:

Hi Frank

I’m very sorry to hear that your car was swallowed up by a sink-hole which opened up without warning on the A421 last week. You have my sympathy. Thank you for spending five days clawing your way back to the surface with fractures to every bone in your body in order to let me know why you didn’t turn up for your session on Friday. It’s quite a testament to modern technology that you were able to get perfect 4G signal whilst buried alive and hence were able to continue to tweet me hundreds of times a day about how excited you were to be visiting me in the days leading up to the session you didn’t show up to because you had been swallowed up into the Bowels of the Earth.

It sounds like you’ve made a very speedy recovery (and with not a mark on you despite all of those fractures, I’ll warrant!) and yes we can definitely reschedule for this week instead. Please make the bank transfer of £xxx at your earliest convenience in order to reserve the space in my diary. You will note I have asked you for the full session tribute this time – this is my usual protocol for slaves who are engulfed by sinkholes in the Bedfordshire area and will, of course, be non-refundable in the event of any natural disasters which may impact upon your future visit.

Kind regards


I’m exaggerating, right? Well, not much at all actually. If I was to believe all of the cancellation excuses I receive, I would definitely think that visits to my little corner of Hampshire were jinxed in some manner, what with all the crashes, broken limbs, deaths of loved ones and comas they seem to trigger. Gladly, I don’t believe the half of them, and I’ve compared notes with some of my Dominatrix friends who report strikingly similar excuses coming from their guests too.

So, here’s a suggestion for the subs who bottle it or just don’t fancy it on the day: tell the truth! I don’t mind! It happens. If you don’t fancy it, that’s cool, everyone’s drive for kink ebbs and flows and what seemed like a good idea a month ago when you booked might just seem like too much today. If you get so nervous you don’t make it to see me (whether you make it as far as out of bed, to the car, to the end of my road, to my door) and would like to get further next time, tell me the truth and I can probably help. The main thing to know is I won’t be angry at you no matter what, and that’s because you will have at the very least paid me what I deem to be a reasonable tribute to cover my wasted time, or if it’s a repeat issue you will have paid me in full for my time. Or, if you really feel the need to make up an excuse, be creative and lighthearted! Make me want to laugh with you, not cry for you, please.

My few words seem to have morphed into 1700 – oops! Never mind. You get the point. Or you’ve fallen asleep. Anyway, here’s a pretty picture of me made by the sensationally talented artist Ariel Belle. It’s got nothing to do with the subject, but I get more engagements with my blog posts when I post a picture with them 🙂

Updated wish list link

A couple of keen boys have contacted me recently regarding my birthday next month (well done, extra slave points for you 😂) so I have updated my Amazon wish list , which is now brimming with wanted items!

I did previously have a DC wish list for items not sold on Amazon such as designer shoes and clothes, but I experienced delays and hassle when an order was placed previously, so am going to avoid using it in future! If you’d like to spoil me with Louboutins or other luxury items then this will need to be done directly so do get in touch with me to discuss! There are numerous pairs of sexy shoes and boots I have my eye on right now…

And, as always, if you’d like to take the initiative and pick me something out yourself then I do very much enjoy surprises (and punishing those who get my tastes so very, very wrong 😂)!


Don’t forget your toothbrush!

Something which should be quite high on your priorities list when visiting a Dominatrix is your personal hygiene. Dommes are usually impeccably clean and well turned out – unless you’ve specifically negotiated a sweaty post-gym session or perhaps a dirty foot worship session – and I’m sure I’m not the only Domme who finds it a tad insulting to learn that a visiting sub hasn’t returned the courtesy of making sure they are also clean and smell nice.

There is rarely an excuse for you to begin a session in a less-than-perfectly-clean state, given that bathroom and shower facilities are available to all who visit my premises. I appreciate that you might have come straight from a long day at work, or had a long journey, or simply have become a bit hot and sweaty in anticipation en route. If you think, or even suspect, you might not be 100% fresh, it’s better to be sure… You are always welcome to take a quick shower for your peace of mind and my comfort. You most definitely won’t annoy me by keeping me waiting, your conscientiousness will please me, and I allow plenty of time in my schedule for all visitors.

Apart from the usual suspects; feet, armpits and hair, here are a few more femdom-specific tips which might seem like they’re obvious but can sometimes be overlooked in the build up to your visit…

1. Don’t forget your toothbrush…

A lot of sessions I participate in result in heavy breathing, huffing, puffing, and long exhaled screams – and that’s just me! Seriously, though, try to imagine how much of a mood-killer it is for me if, when leaning in close to gaze sensually into my sub’s eyes and whisper encouragement as he suffers for me, with every gasp he exudes (directly into my face at point blank range) I get a whiff of the monster munch he stopped and ate in the layby down the road, or his stale coffee breath, or the pint he had for Dutch courage en route. I shouldn’t be able to tell how much wine my sub drank or what he had for dinner the night before, either. I always have a bottle of mouthwash available in the slave bathroom for you to use, or – even better – you could bring a toothbrush and use it as part of your preparation when you arrive. Minty fresh breath is always the best breath to have if you’re going to be exhaling directly into somebody else’s face and don’t want them to subject you to an impromptu Roman shower.

I always use mouthwash, do you?

2. Bottoms up!

If your bottom is going to feature prominently in our time spent together, then you should always take care to ensure it’s in a pleasant state. There are few things guaranteed to kill a spanking role play quite as dead as me having to stop and send you to wash your grotty bottom as soon as you’ve been put across my knee, because you’ve not had a spruce up after visiting the bathroom earlier on in the day. Can you imagine my delight at having a smelly, sweaty bumcrack complete with trouser fluff and a cute little TP “tail” protruding just inches from my face as you assume the position across my knee? Of course you can’t… Because it’s anything but delightful. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re going to bend over for a spanking, you should be freshly showered – just having a wipe and hoping for the best is most definitely not enough.

I challenge you to make me love your butt!

3. Preparing for a probing.

Similarly, if you’re coming for a strap-on session or performing any kind of anal acrobatics for me, you will need to prepare in advance for both our sakes (there are plenty of very good resources online for you to refer to if you are inexperienced, try this helpful illustrated guide for starters, and if you’re still not sure then Google is definitely your friend). Of course, there are very few easy ways of ensuring there’s nothing up there, but if you’ve made the efforts you should have made in advance (and possibly again when you arrive) then this should be minimal, if anything at all, and should not pose a problem to either of us. If, however, you haven’t made much (if any) effort to be ready for large rubber items to be pushed repeatedly in and out of your colon, it’s likely to end in a short-lived, messy, embarrassing and possibly very uncomfortable/painful experience for you, and an utterly unpleasant experience for me. Please, please prepare so we can both enjoy it as we should. It’s disappointing and a tad insulting for me – and presumably cringe-making for you – to find that your bottom is a no-go zone because you simply haven’t bothered to make the effort you should have done for me, and yourself. Don’t expect the colon fairy to magic your bottom clean for you. It takes effort.

Newsflash… You’re not that fabulous, sadly…

4. CBT should be torture for you, not me…

Along much the same lines as the above advice for bottom-related activities, it probably goes without saying that if you are going to ask somebody – anybody – to have close contact with your genitalia, you should have washed carefully immediately before such contact is due to take place! Indeed, I have very few gripes with my visitors as far as this area is concerned, but the very occasional new guest does seem to have missed the memo. To clarify, everything should be freshly and carefully showered, with particular care taken to wash every surface very thoroughly (translation: check carefully beneath your foreskin if you are the proud owner of one!) before you place your penis into the hands of a Dominatrix. It’s never nice for a sub when Mistress retches and quickly opts to put the peg on her nose instead of his manservant before reaching for the Dettol wipes and giving a lecture on intimate hygiene.

Let’s make sure those pegs end up in the right place…

5. To shave or not to shave…?

Additionally, whilst not a hygiene issue as such, you may find that certain Mistresses have rules or preferences as to pubic or other bodily hair. Some have a blanket ban. My personal preference is indeed for a freshly trimmed/shaved/waxed/otherwise de-fuzzed cock and ball area, but I do understand that personal circumstances or preferences may mean this is tricky or impossible, so I don’t enforce an outright Pube Ban. I find smooth cocks and balls are preferable for many kinds of CBT as, among other things, electrodes and clamps tend to attach better, cleaning up waxes and lubes after use is easier, and suction equipment tends to form a better airtight seal on bare flesh. Some of my visitors see understanding professionals in advance (I highly recommend Wicked Waxing for your intimate waxing needs) to have themselves fully waxed as part of their pre-session build up, and enjoy the sense of anticipation and servitude this gives them.

Me getting an intimate waxing lesson from Wicked Waxing… Think I’ll leave it to the professionals!

…And that concludes today’s sermon! The moral of the story… If in doubt, wash it! And if you’re not in doubt, wash it anyway!